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St. Mary’s Church of England Aided Primary School

The parish has been associated with St. Mary’s School since 1862 when the original school was built.

Since then the parish has built upon these links and we are very proud of our Church school.


The firm foundations of the life of the school are fully rooted in Christian values and they are reinforced in many different ways around school and through their experiences of learning, playing and praying together the children see the reality of these being lived out.

St Mary's School Tunstall


As a church we pray regularly for our school, its staff and pupils, and seek to promote its welfare.


The governors and other volunteers from church visit St Mary’s regularly; listen to children read and lead assemblies.


The parish Mass on a Monday takes place in school, moving around the different classrooms, giving the children the opportunity to help lead this important act of worship.

Whole school Masses are also celebrated in school and at Christ Church on certain holy days as we celebrate the important events of the Christian year.


As well as the children attending Christ Church for worship, we are pleased to be able to offer the church building as a learning resource across the curriculum.

Our aim is to give local children the best possible foundation for life, one that includes valuing their own spirituality, developing their sense of Christian values, and praying for their growing faith.

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